About Ethical CFO

Hey, I’m Moushumi.
The modern accountant.

You deserve more from your accountant / bookkeeper, and I’m here to show you how the right finance professional can transform your business (and life!).

My goal for you?

From chaos...

... to clarity

Xero Award

Have you ever met a passionate accountant? Didn’t think so.
But that’s about to change.

I’m passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses thrive. I understand the challenges that come with running a business – the long hours, the wearing of several different hats at different times, , and the stress that comes with keeping your finances in order. But here’s the thing: I love accounting. I truly believe that having the foundation of clean, healthy books is the fundamental to a successful business.

I’m a certified CPA with years of experience working with small and medium sized businesses in a variety of industries. I’ve helped my clients streamline their accounting processes, create realistic financial forecasts, and make strategic business decisions based on their numbers. But what really sets me apart is my commitment to ethics and transparency. I believe in providing a competent, transparent and proactive service, working in partnership with my clients and providing a service that surpasses my clients’ expectations.

When I’m not crunching numbers, you can find me biking on the trails, moving towards my annual goal of reading 12 books and , having a laugh with my family. . I’m a passionate  believer in work-life balance, and I strive to help my clients (and team) achieve it too.

At Ethical CFO, we’re not just your average accounting professionals that appear once a year. We’re a team of modern, tech-savvy, process-driven professionals who are passionate about revolutionising the accounting and bookkeeping service. . We take the time to get to know our clients, understand their goals and challenges, and provide tailored solutions that work for them. We’re in this together, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you reach your full potential.

So, are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s chat!

Empowering female-led businesses to make better business decisions.

I get that running a business is hard work.

Everyday you find yourself pouring into your books and finances, and by the time you get to the stuff that you actually enjoy doing, that you WANTED to do, the day has finished! After all, you went in business because you were passionate about the core business activities.

Bookkeeping, forecasting, spreadsheets, systems and numbers are neither your speciality nor your passion.

But guess what, they are mine!’ But the thing is, this stuff is important. And not just for the ATO.

Messy books = Messy mindset = Messy business

Our core values driving you to success.


Your go-to finance expert, where you can have the peace of mind that we always know what we’re doing.


Someone you can trust, who will pick up the phone when you call, and provide you with responsible, strategic advice to grow your business.


We don’t just crunch the numbers - everything we do is based on a strategic approach to help you make your business more profitable.


We’re constantly thinking and looking at ways that we can help your business increase cashflow, remove inefficiencies and make more profit!

When you work with me, you will:



Let’s take ‘untangling the finances’ off your to-do list

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