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We provide competent bookkeeping and jargon-free financial insights so you can make your business more profitable (and enjoyable).

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Take charge of your bookkeeping and reporting


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Virtual CFO

Unleash your business's full financial potential with a virtual CFO.


Profit-focused bookkeeping for modern businesses.

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Qualified & accredited.

Did you know?

Most small and medium sized business in Australia struggle with accounting and bookkeeping. Usually because as you grow, it gets more complex, time consuming and messy. And we all know you didn’t get into business to deal with complex accounting...

Problem 1

You’re exhausted from running your business and having to look after your accounting (Goodbye sleep!)

Problem 2

You’re behind in statutory obligations or lodgements (hello ATO penalties!)

Problem 3

You don’t actually know how much money your business is making (or losing).

The solution?

Partner with Ethical CFO so you can run your business with the confidence and clarity you need.

We are a team of qualified, proactive and ethical (CPA) women who are passionate about revolutionising accounting and bookkeeping by providing a service that you have never experienced before.

Why does a virtual CFO make better business sense?

Doing it yourself

Hours spent reconciling transactions

Difficulty setting up accounts correctly

High fees paying accounts to correct

Time wasted on admin instead of running the business

With our help

Our bookkeepers reconcile for you

We setup and manage your accounts

BAS is correctly prepared and lodged

We automate the process for you

Most Australian small businesses are under-resourced when it comes to their accounting needs, which creates havoc with things like cash flow, budgeting, payroll and financial statement lodging.

A virtual CFO is like having your own personal chief finance officer – you get all the benefits but for a fraction of the cost.

The most cost effective way for busy directors and business owners to:

Your business’ accounting and bookkeeping shouldn’t leave you overwhelmed, stressed and overworked.

Hi, I’m Moushumi – director of Ethical CFO. 

I get that running a business is hard work. Everyday you find yourself pouring into your books and finances, and by the time you get to the stuff that you actually enjoy doing, that you WANTED to do, the day has finished.

After all, you went in business because you were passionate about the core business activities.

Bookkeeping, forecasting, spreadsheets, systems and numbers are neither your speciality nor your passion. But guess what, they are mine!

But the thing is, this stuff is important. And not just for the ATO.

Messy books = Messy mindset = Messy business.

Xero Award

Things our happy clients are saying...

Absolutely amazing! Moushumi was so organised and made the process from sole trader to a social enterprise company simple and easy. She has been an absolute gem and I’m excited to continue working with her in the future. Thank you for making my life so much easier and amplifying the strengths of my business.

Georgia Willmott --

Been working with Ethical CFOs and bookeepers for 7 years now, my business was just providing services to customers and paying payroll to my team without knowing how we are doing, my books were in a bad shape prior to meeting this company, now they are important part of my team. Thank you.

Yumm Foods & Co

Great accountants! Prompt, professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Sorted all my business accounting needs proficiently. Beyond pleased… definitely recommend.

Dayle Purcell --
Three Bays

Im very pleased I switched to Ethical CFO Services. Immediately I felt confident that Moushumi was going to deliver on her promises and also simplify things for me that helps me understand what's going on. My staff and I love the systems she has in place to make everything easier for us. I highly recommend making an appointment with them to see how they can improve your business too. Plus I love the name of the business and the reply I received when I asked why it was called ETHICAL CFO Services. 5 Stars!

Trina Smith --
Juniper Salon

Moushumi is super professional and knowledgeable and a great communicator. She had the task of fixing up a lot of historical errors in my Xero and she did it with ease. She also offers CFO type services which I will be utilising in the future to get a transparent insight into my numbers. Highly recommend.

Vivian Tam -- Zilch Formulas

Moushumi helped us set up all our accounts and now provides monthly cfo service to give us a clear picture of our financials. It's really reassuring to understand our business insights regularly. And it's very affordable for our small business. Thank you.

Simmy Howard --
JNJ Advertising and Events Agency

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